Solar PV

As with the electricity prices going up and BASIX heading in we find that at Simply Build we have the solution for you. As a simple solution we take out the hard work helping get the job done right the first time. We will design a Solar PV system which is installed via a CEC accredited installer allowing you to get the rebates of your system discounted from the price ensuring you have the rebates all sorted in hand and done conveniently.

When installed you will be able to reap the rewards by instantly getting BASIX requirements done as well effectively paying of your investment instantly. Then once inspected via a utility you will be able to also offset your power bill.

LED Lights

As CFD tubes and globes lose the light so will the market move towards the LED light market. BASIX is the key making and ensuring that you are using these LED lights not only for the value it provides on environmental cause but longevity as each globe will be able to light up approximately close to15-20 year period between changes. Make the switch today for BASIX content the environmental and economic choice.

Water Tanks

Since the age of time we have seen water tanks come from the Romans now to end up in our backyard. Let Simply Build help with the choice of making this easier for you to ensure you are getting value for money we will organise a licensed plumber to help with design and planning your new green investment from any type of water design to the amount of water let us get the job done with minimal amount of hassle. Also not to mention the rebate from the local water supplier we can do it all in one simple activity.

Call now. Simply Build, your green building expert.